Our Energy and Utility Clients
We have extensive experience of supporting Energy and Utility clients, across the spectrum of regulation, supply and engineering. In particular we are able to help with the management of complex stakeholder groups across a wide variety of information and communications needs.
Our understanding of the complexity of needs for energy and utility organisations has led us to develop appropriate packaged solutions to deliver more effective CRM. These allow for projects to be delivered at pace and with less risk. For more information please contact us.
Our clients in the energy and utilities sector include "Big 6" providers and smaller new entrants, and cover electricity, gas, green energy, energy saving and energy regulatory bodies.

We provide CRM advice and solutions for needs such as

  • Case working and case management
  • Digital marketing
  • Integrated e-commerce
  • Stakeholder information management
  • Document management and EDRMS
  • Compliance needs
  • Press and public affairs needs
  • Executive functions
  • Data protection