Packaged solutions
Over the last 5 years we have developed a real depth of insight into the CRM needs of our financial services, regulatory, membership and energy/utility clients. Many of them asked us to develop our own solution in order to benefit from our experience and to avoid having to re-create core modules of functionality which are deployed in most implementations.
The result is Cantata Vantage, supported on both Microsoft Dynamics and platforms. Using our experience we are able to use Cantata Vantage to provide at least 80% of your needs, out of the box. When allied to our straw-man based requirements phase and our implementation capabilities, a Cantata Vantage project can be completed in as little as a month. For maximum flexibility, we offer both hosted ("cloud" or "private cloud" solutions) or on-premise deployments.
This all results in a speedy and remarkably low cost solution for clients who need a best of breed CRM capability without the prohibitive costs and timescales which result from working with the traditional CRM vendors. Our completely integrated Microsoft Outlook user interface also means easy rollout and high adoption rates.

Vantage Key features

  • True “Out of box” business functionality

  • Extensive infrastructure enhancements

  • Editable grids

  • Events management

  • Integrated web portal with on-line registration support

  • Support for e-mail management system integration

  • Support for both Microsoft Dynamics and platforms

  • On-premise and hosted (on-demand) deployment options

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