Our Regulatory Clients

We work with a wide range of regulatory organisations providing anything from strategic advice through to full CRM implementations. Our clients regulate a wide range of industries including energy, telecommunications and domestic services.

Our deep experience in this space has led us to develop packaged solutions to support the CRM needs of regulatory organisations. These allow for projects to be delivered at pace and with less risk. For more information please contact us.

Recent projects have included a range of full CRM implementations for some of the leading regulators in the UK, including adding specific Cantata Vantage capabilities to improve usability and efficiency in case handling work, and providing extensive automation of previously labour-intensive processes.

We provide CRM advice and solutions for needs such as

  • Case working and case management, with automated workflow
  • Document management and EDRMS
  • Compliance needs
  • Policy reviews
  • Press and public affairs requirements
  • Executive functions
  • Data protection
  • Digital marketing

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