70% of marketers are investing in CRM in 2016

You may have seen our article about CRM still being the must have marketing tool: http://www.cantatagroup.com/news-archive/crm-is-still-the-must-have-marketing-tool/. Last year 48% of marketers reported that CRM was an investment priority. This year ‘Marketing trends, spend & forecasts 2016’ by ALF Insight once again highlights that investing in CRM is the focus of marketers. A huge 70% of marketers are planning on investing in CRM this year. CRM continues to be the answer to common business problems and the technologies are becoming extremely intuitive and mature, perhaps this is why marketers are looking to CRM. Understanding your customer base, utilizing your data and personalizing the customer journey is extremely valuable when trying to build a stronger sales pipeline.


Source: ‘Marketing trends, spend & forecasts 2016’